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Welcome to Miracle Moon Solar and Electronic Systems!

Selling and buying new and used Solar panels, Solar Charge controllers, Inverters and Electronic Systems!

If you are looking for a reliable solar panel, either new or used,  Miracle Moon Solar can certainly help. Our thorough familiarity with all types and makes of solar-panels has made it possible for us to give professional advice on the solar-panel fitting best to your needs. By assisting in your evaluation of the pro and cons of every relevant option, we provides you with all the necessary data and information leading to the right choice for you.

All our panels have been fully tested before they were added to our range. This enables prompt delivery and helps to make our business a mutually pleasant experience.

Once you have acquired your solar panel and are enjoying its use, it is important to take proper care of it. For you to accomplish this with a minimum of time and effort, our expertise is always at your service. The latest measuring and testing equipment, combined with our flexibility, will ensure proper maintenance and optimum product performance.

In short, we are always there to help you with any solar-panel related problems, for our knowledge and experience in the field, have given us the certainty that we can always solve them.

Even if you haven't bought your panel from us, we are always willing to help.

You will find the entire product-line in our Shop, Should you miss anything there, just ask!

Call +49 5962 8079643 for more information.

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